Miss Teen California USA – Taliya


A proud Sri Lankan-American, Taliya is a college freshman at Santa Clara University majoring in Management Information Systems. She aspires to combine her passion for business, technology, and entertainment to become a business executive at a record label. As a dancer, piano player, and amateur DJ, Taliya has always expressed herself through performing. She started her nonprofit, III Creatives (Inspiring Imagination and Inclusivity) to bring to light the necessity of creative thinking and arts education. She hosts her own Instagram Live series, “Creative Convos”, where she interviews leaders in the STEAM fields and highlights students who incorporate the creative arts into their careers and life ambitions. In her free time, Taliya enjoys trying new cuisines, collecting her favorite albums on vinyl, and traveling the world. She has been to sixteen states and twelve countries so far! As a San Francisco Bay Area native, she’s proud to represent California!

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