Miss Teen Hawaii USA – Noelani


Noelani DeNisi is a 2022 graduate of Maui High School and currently working in tech with Klarinet Solutions. She is a 19-year-old aspiring fashion designer and entrepreneur integrating the use of computer science and programming. She hopes to inspire and reach people from all different walks of life, empowering them to truly value themselves. Noelani advocates for Eating Disorder Awareness and Body Acceptance, as that is a huge lesson of her lifetime, but she strives to continue her outreach and aid everyone in that similar position. As a Native Hawaiian Woman, she is actively involved with her community and people. She has earned honors and awards including the NASA Patch of completion (Honorary Women of STEM), CIEE Academic Merit Scholarship, and has completed League of Amazing Programmers – programming for Youth through Stanford. She believes that self-love is an endless journey and hopes to influence others with her perseverance and dedication. 

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