Miss Teen Kentucky USA – MèShyia


Meshyia was raised by her mother, and found out at a young age that her father was living in incarceration. This led her to feel unworthy of success and as a pre-teen already dealing with bullying for her looks and natural hair, she struggled with her mental health. However, she found help through therapy and discovered her love of poetry, gardening and painting! 

Meshyia LOVES poetry and even had her first poem published at age 8! Along with sharing her story and encouraging teens not to be defined by their circumstances, she is an advocate for Scoliosis Awareness. 

Although Meshyia was diagnosed with severe scoliosis in junior high, that never stopped her from her favorite activities – competitive cheer, dance, skateboarding and even wrestling in highschool! 

Now, she is a resilient 17 year old senior with the dream of earning her degree in Broadcast Journalism, a BFA in Creative Writing and becoming a TV Personality!

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