Miss Teen New Hampshire USA – Marayssa


Marayssa is an enthusiastic 18-year-old from the Granite State who loves to dream, explore, and learn. When she’s not wearing her sash and crown, you can find her in scrubs working diligently as an LNA or in boots arduously helping her father with his property management business. She’s a freshman attending Rivier University with aspirations of pursuing a rewarding career in Nursing. From there she hopes to attend medical school to become a trauma surgeon! In Marayssa’s spare time, she enjoys dancing, working out, becoming in tune with nature, and passionately volunteering in her community. Her New England home is cozy, beautiful, and full of wonderful people/places. Plus, New Hampshire being such a tightknit state, she’s been able to network and work with organizations like Missy’s Closet, ChildVoice, and Girls in Action. Between that, Ice Castles in the winter, and Canobie in the summer, New Hampshire has opportunity for everyone!

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