Miss Teen Rhode Island USA – Lola


Lola Paolissi is a 16 year old, high school junior from Cranston, Rhode Island. Lola’s passion is dance; she has been dancing since she was 4 years old! The dance studio is her therapy and where she goes to escape when times get tough. Lola recently started her own free dance program for children in her community who do not have the means to take classes the conventional way.

About a year ago, her teammate, Izzy was diagnosed with leukemia. After Izzy’s diagnosis, Lola started to get involved in volunteer work for charities that helped bring a smile to Izzy during her treatments. One of the charities Lola fell in love with is called Glimmer of Hope Foundation. Working with this charity has given Lola’s life purpose.

When Lola graduates high school, she plans on attending the Juilliard School, and obtain a degree in dance and pursue a career on Broadway.

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